Academic Journal

“Academic Journal” is a brand on-line publication of the Information and Documentation Center on NATO in Moldova (IDC), published since 2007.  The journal is one the of the very few publications on security issues in Moldova, which brings together local experts, young researchers and academia to discuss national and international security issues.

The 16th edition of the Journal is planned to be dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Turkey’s membership in NATO. Taking advantage of this honorable event, IDC aims to invite experts to analyze and discuss the history of Turkey-NATO relations, the geopolitical position of Turkey in the region, Turkey’s role in ensuring regional security and Turkey’s involvement in NATO’s missions and operations, as well as other relevant topics. The edition aims to ensure a better understanding of Turkey-NATO relations and to provide a valuable academic contribution to the regional security studies.

Previous editions of Academic Journal:

”Summit-ul NATO de la Chicago: repere pentru Republica Moldova” (15th edition)

„Cooperarea Euro-Atlantică a Republicii Moldova la 20 ani de independenţă” (14th edition)

„Summit-ul NATO de la Lisabona, noul concept strategic şi noile evoluţii în politica de securitate a NATO” (13th edition)

“NATO spre un nou concept strategic: redimensionarea securităţii internaţionale” (12th edition)

“Noile evoluţii în contextul regional de securitate” (10th edition)


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